working during covid-19


Kaerus is offering full services during the pandemic.

  • Available for telephonic, virtual, and in-person consultations with clients and their national security counsels.
  • Completing bespoke projects and audits.
  • Continuing third party auditing and monitoring, security officer, trustee and security director services.
  • Conducting in-person site visits.
  • Meeting CMAs virtually and in person.

Mitigation Talent ® -- Mitigation Experts ℠




Kaerus is based in Texas, with consultants available for projects in all fifty states plus Guam and Puerto Rico.  


Kaerus consultants' expertise spans the domains of critical infrastructure, critical and emerging technologies, and sensitive personal data.  Everything from renewable energy to biotech and AI to social media.

CI Concerns

 Our consultants have extensive experience countering threats from both hostile and ostensibly allied nations, especially China, Russia, Israel, France, and Latin American countries.  Demonstrated  awareness and deep understanding of the threats provides mitigation assurance to CMAs .



Kaerus' Mitigation Experts ℠  have earned Cyber Risk Oversight Certificates from Carnegie Mellon's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Kaerus holds the broadest Cyber Enterprise Risk Management coverage available from industry leader Chubb.

IT Security Controls

Kaerus exceeds peer benchmarks for 

  • Critical software patching
  • Critical data backup and recovery
  • Encryption of data at rest and in motion
  • Top-rated antivirus and firewalls
  • Anti-phishing and social engineering training
  • Incident response planning

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